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Adolescent Smoking Risk Factors

There are many risk factors which may increase the likelihood of an adolescent beginning to smoke.woman smoking image by csaba fikker from Fotolia.comWhile the health risks of smoking are numerous and well-known, many adolescents pick up the habit each year. The Centers for Disease...

Staying in a Luxury Health Spa - Is it a Good Choice?

All work and no play makes everyone of us dull - at some point or another. There are achievable ways to lift one's energy: a stroll in the park, a visit to the mall, watching a movie, a massage, and the list goes on. One really satisfying way of taking care of your health while having fun at th

The Connection Between Anxiety Disorders and Depression

It has been proven there is a relationship between Anxiety Disorders and Depression. Depression is a condition that can develop as a result even if you didn't had one at the beginning of the disorder. What does this imply if you have one of the two? Should you keep it in mind when you are searc

Signs Of Panic Attack - Are They Always Easy To Read?

You would think that the signs of panic attack are easy to spot especially if you have had the experience of having one but nothing could be further from reality. Despite knowing what the symptoms ...

Side Effects of ADHD Medications

The subject of side effects of ADHD medications has become more complex with the every growing list of prescription medication (and combinations) choices. The truth of the matter is that side effects can range from ...

How to Write a Health Report

A health report is an invaluable and comprehensive resource in the identification, analysis and evaluation of the impact of the current health challenges that are affecting the community in general. Through health reports, you will be able to assess the constantly changing dynamics of the health-car

What Is Depersonalization And Where Does It Come From?

Personally I don't think that Depersonalization Disorder exists and believe that this is just another symptom of anxiety that can in time be overcome. Depersonalization can be described as a recurring feeling of detachment from ...

SAD light box - will it truly make you happy?

SAD light box popularity is on the rise and for good reason. Thousands of people all over the world suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder - a depressive winter cycle caused by darker, earlier nights

Asbergers Syndrome Symptoms & Diagnosis

Hans Asperger (1944) first described Asbergers Syndrome (AS) as a severe disorder characterized by major difficulties in social interaction, and restricted and unusual patterns of interest and behavior. Asbergers is a neurobiological condition which falls within the group of childhood disorders clas

Can I Use Alcohol to Clean Silestone?

Silestone is a brand of kitchen and bathroom countertops composed primarily of quartz. Although this ultra-hard surface can be susceptible to heat, it is typically resistant to harsh chemicals. In most cases, it can be cleaned with a simple soap-and-water solution. But, because of the hardness of Si

Dreamtime Healing - Heal Your Past To Change Your Future

Holographic Kinetics is an Aboriginal healing system based on traditional Dreamtime Healing. My teacher Steve Richards is an Australian Aboriginal descendant who could remember all the ancient teachings of his culture when he was a child. He then spent over forty years studying quantum physics, math

Anxiety Treatment - What Are Effective Treatments?

Anxiety disorders are diagnosed when anxiety causes chronic emotional and mental distress and no longer becomes a normal physiologic response to changes in one's environment. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is one of the many anxiety disorders that impair activities of daily living, making

Nandita Lavender Fragrance Oil Review

Nandita fragrance oil lives up to the marketing speak typed on the included instructions for use sheet. Although based on Lavandula officinalis there are several other notes and tones that become apparent after careful consideration.

How to Lead Your ADHD or ODD Child

Parents are often unaware of the role they should be is the lead with their ADHD/ODD child. A leader is defined as a person who guides, inspired, and regulates the actions of others. If you think about that for a moment, a parent fits that description to a tee.

Controversial Aspects of the Attention Deficit Disorder Test

The Attention Deficit Disorder test is just as controversial as the whole ADD and ADHD debate. Many regard it as too subjective and say that it is therefore not an accurate diagnostic tool. Others claim thatADHD has increased because now the diagnostic methods for the ADHD testare more sophisticated

What Age Concern Says About Means-Tested Care Funding

There are only few things more frightening than the condition which was faced by King Lear in the classic tragedy by William Shakespeare. The possibility that one day you will not recognize your loved ones, gradually you will not be able to perform the most basic tasks of life, the worst of all is t