Feel Better Now Using Variations of NLP Time Line Techniques

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In this article I want to share with you a very powerful and creative method for dealing with past issues.
This technique works wonders and one of the best things about it is it actually works even if you do not remember the cause of your discomfort or emotional issues.
Often people who suffer abuse or trauma at a young age repress these memories and experiences.
This if often a protective mechanism of the mind and sometimes this is best.
However, even without conscious memory of WHAT happened when you were X years old, you can still notice a "bad feeling" around that time.
You can represent this "bad experience/bad feeling" with a certain color, symbol, sound, etc.
So allow your imagination to chose the elements that represent this "icky feeling or event" from your past.
By taking out the context or by not forcing yourself to remember facts, figures and details of what happened it takes a lot of pressure off of you and helps you be more objective.
Allow this feeling or experience to form into a symbol and feel free to notice the symbol and how it makes you feel and what needs to happen for you to feel better.
Imagine your life as a line of time or as a Measuring Ruler (Time Line) and feel yourself floating above your present and drifting back towards a time in your past where you experienced some kind of discomfort (abuse, getting fired, rejected, divorced, death in family, etc) Now if you cannot remember or do not know WHY you feel unwanted uncomfortable emotions when you are around a certain person, place or thing then you just let yourself drift back to a time when SOMETHING happened.
See your life line in a certain color and notice that at some time or times in your past there is something different about that part of your time line.
It could look like mud or sludge, ice or gunk in an ugly repulsive color, it may smell foul or sound like fingernails on a blackboard, etc.
Now use your imagination and clean up that mess, tone down that sound or mute it entirely, or feel the warm healing rays of the sun melting away the cold or frost or frozen energy.
See it melt, getting cleaner, healthier, nicer looking and notice how you start to feel a bit better.
Continue to do this until you really feel better, better and better.
Now once you feel better about what is on your time line at those times in your past you can float back up and then come back to your present moment in time.
Test this to make sure that you feel better when you think back to these times in your past and notice if there are any other similar or new feelings of discomfort.
If so, float back up and back to those times and resolve, heal and change the symbols or images or feelings you notice until you like what you see, feel, hear, sense, etc.
Then come back to your present time NOW feeling amazing! Dr.
Tad James developed a very powerful technique called "Time Line Therapy R" which I like and use a lot with clients and myself.
So much of the techniques in this article are a modified and/or simplified version adjusted to be done in self-hypnosis just from reading this article.
A good idea for this technique a many of my articles is to get a recording device (any cheap cassette recorder will do or you can use the most high-tech sound quality device, as long as it is able to record your voice) and actually read out loud, the suggestions, instructions and guidelines.
This way you can focus on your breathing and actually experiencing the exercise and may find yourself going deeper into your imagination and getting more vivid and powerful benefits.
Although finding a person trained in Hypnosis, NLP, etc.
is best, recording the instructions for yourself is the next best option you have available.
Another idea is OK yet it depends a lot on yourself and the friend you chose to help you.
You could get a trusted friend to read the instructions for you (again, it is best to find a person trained in NLP, Hypnosis, etc.
because they will be prepared for any emotions or experiences that come from this exercise and they can lead you objectively and professionally.
A friend may be too attached and not neutral enough or may cast judgment or you may not allow yourself to let go enough) So let yourself play with this powerful, yet creative technique that allows you clear up and clear out the clutter from your past, even when you have no conscious memory of WHAT happened.
(these memories may surface later on in a way you can process safely when you are ready to face them and deal with them or they may continue to be repressed because a part of your mind feels it is better this way) Either way, you will most likely feel as if an awful heavy weight has been lifted off of your shoulders and you will feel tremendous relief in your life!
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