How to Make Your Own Christmas Gift Tags

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This is also a great way to recycle your old Christmas Cards you were given from last year - well that's hoping you still have them.
If you don't you will know you will need to save them this year round.
This is also great to learn if you run out of Christmas gift tags.
You can use the same idea to make gift tags for all year round, for birthdays etc.
not just for Christmas.
Here is what you need, you should find all of these things ready available at home: · Old Christmas cards - Ensure at the back of the pictures the card is blank as you will need to write on the reverse side.
· Hole punch · Scissors · Ribbon- You won't need to buy new ribbon just use ribbon you already have that you have found at home or have brought for wrapping your presents.
You can also match the ribbon up with the wrapping paper.
Take your Old Christmas Card and decide on a picture approx.
6cm (L) x 8cm (H) this can be anything on the card such as Santa Clauses face, His boots.
A Christmas tree, a picture of a present etc.
Cut around the picture with your scissors, you can use any shape you like for example, square, rectangle or circle.
Take your hole punch and punch one hole at the top of the gift tag.
Cut approx.
20cm (L) of ribbon and thread this through the hole, then tie a knot.
That's it very quick and easy; you can make a batch of these or just make them to suit each wrapped present.
I hope that this is a good Christmas money saving tip for you and you enjoy making them.
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