Manifestation - No Secret to It

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There is no secret to manifestation.
This is a concept that has been around for generations.
Over the centuries, the secret can be found in the lives of the real "masters" of manifestation (Abraham, Buddha, Christ, John of God, to name a few).
They showed that the greatest and highest use of manifestation is to be of service to others.
There are countless stories of how they showed the proper use of "this power" and did so with the greatest of humility.
Leave it to the current culture to appeal to the mass Ego by promoting this notion of mans ability to manifest more money, a bigger house, and more power.
People's egos are so powerful; they are flocking to learn techniques that they already possess! They believe this ability is some how out side of them.
They are subscribing to mastery and personal aggrandizement through some "false belief system" that some how some way, this is the key to happiness in their lives.
Will people who claim their abilities as "manifesters" start to manifest miracles on the spot to help heal the world? If you can manifest anything, would it not be to make the world a better place? Given that abundance is available to all...
would it not seem to be, that to utilize the ability to manifest as a means to bring unto all - rather solely to self? After all, when we all do well, we all do well? I recommend Wayne Dyer's new Movie, "Ambition to Meaning".
It is a brilliant story of how to move towards the ideal in manifestation.
It just seems that people are missing the point of the real masters gone past, or those currently walking the planet.
It was directed with authentic selfless humility, with pure clean intentions, and without material attachment, expectations or egoist neediness.
Real change and healing will occur it seems, when people understand what the masters demonstrated about manifestation.
The proper use of creating abundance is for the benefit of healing, feeding, charity, blessings, lifting up another; rather than serving individual ego (false self).
I believe that is when our global community will be able to come together and heal as a world.
Until then, Do as Gandhi suggested, each day "be the love you want to see in the world" and, maybe, we can all begin individually and collectively to manifest real healing.
We can only pray for the true awakening to come.
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