The Power of Being a Child

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Ever noticed that there is something about children that just invigorates, stimulates and enlivens? Children ask questions, they are eager toward life and are essentially go getters.
Children have no fear, children are visionaries.
They trust in their imagination and believe that whatever they can conceive, they can achieve.
Of course, we were once like children too.
We were once visionaries, and were fearless.
We believed that what we imagined could come to life.
However, as we have grown older, instead of our creativity growing with us, it has weakened.
Unfortunately, the only thing which has grown as we have grown is our fears.
Is it not ironic, that as we have grown older we have become more fearful? We may not be afraid of the dark as we were as children but our fears as adults are much more difficult to deal with and much more crippling.
We have become afraid to take on challenges, to get out of our comfort zones and try new things.
With every step we take, we overanalyze and always seek the easiest way out.
We are afraid to be as creative as our mind takes as us because we are afraid to fail.
As a result, our achievements are way below our potential.
One thing which make some individuals stand out in life is because rather than acting adult-like and avoiding risks, they take on risks and become top-achievers.
They stand out because they have done what most of us would not dare to do.
That is to take a risk.
Without the bravery to take on risks in life our creativity lies dormant.
The creativity in you can be reawakened if you decide to be like a child.
Like a child, your creativity will take over and guide you.
You can begin to see possibilities instead of limitations.
The fears that you have, most of them imaginary can be transcended, if just like a child you do not recognize them or pay attention to them.
Those who stand out, those who realize their dreams and those who become what they want to be are child-like.
They are fearless risk takers and visionaries who are guided only by their creativity.
Today, let the child in you come to life.
Let your creativity flow.
Rekindle the flame of your dreams and like any determined visionary your dreams can be realized.
Such is the power of being a child.
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