Mastering the Science of the Law of Attraction

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The law of attraction is not just a belief that some people hold onto.
The law of attraction is an actual science, and mastering the science of the law of attraction can change your life.
The science of the law of attraction can be explained in a very simple way.
What you hold onto your mind will cause you to act in a particular way towards your environment, and shape circumstances and events around you in such a way to attract what your mind and thoughts reflect.
In short, you have been attracting to your life what you have been holding in your mind.
What you are going through in life is the reflection of your thoughts and the emotions that they bring.
The challenge for most people who have acquired that much knowledge about the law of attraction so far is to get rid of bad experiences they are holding onto in their mind.
Those negative emotions are releasing emotional mix signals of fear, doubts, anger, and other negative feelings which bring a negative energy, which in turn ends up bringing negative experiences.
This is the science of the law of attraction.
Mastering it is to convince your mind that your past experiences are just that, they belong to the past, and cannot affect you anymore.
What is more is that they have nothing to do with who you are, and what you can do.
Your past experiences have nothing to do with your present or future.
When you realize that your past experiences tend to repeat themselves over and over in the course of your life it's because you believe it to be so.
Therefore, that is the energy you are sending out.
This is the ONLY reason why you keep attracting much of the same in your life.
Once you understand and acknowledge that all you need to do is to totally separate your past experiences from your NOW and from YOUR SELF, your present and upcoming future will start to take a different shape.
Switch the bad experience energy to a good experience energy, just by living it in your mind, over and over.
In time, it will be embedded in your very subconscious mind.
Once it's there, you will start manifesting positive experiences into your life.
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