Nothing is Going "Wrong" in Your Life -The Little Prince Series

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Daily Insight into Higher Consciousness from The Little Prince

What in your life do you wish were different right now?

What are you unhappy with?

Would it surprise you to hear that everything in your life at this moment is the very best possible for you right now? That it's truly all for your good?

When the Little Prince comments that no one can go very far on his planet if they just go straight ahead, there's a touch of sadness in his tone.

Life has many diversions from a straightforward path and they can be tremendously painful, evoking a great deal of sadness. As Scott Peck said at the start of his book The Road Less Traveled (not one of my favorites, but a huge bestseller), life is difficult. At times life can be immensely sad.

The Little Prince has known sadness in his life because of something that happened on the planet from which he came. He experienced a huge disappointment. How often are we disappointed in life and feel sad like the Little Prince? From my own experience years ago and from many conversations I have with people now, disappointment is a common experience.

Yet this disappointment that occurred in his life, like all disappointments, was good for the Little Prince because it became the trigger to the development of his essential being.

When consciousness awakens in us and we begin to realize we have lived our life in the grip of the boa constrictor-meeting the demands of family, friends, those we work with, religion, and society in general instead of being true to our own essence-this is only the beginning of our spiritual journey.

Many imagine that if they can just heal the emotional wounds they received in the past, especially in childhood, they will then be a "whole" person.

Well, yes-and no.

Were you a whole person when you were born? Perhaps so, if you weren't emotionally damaged in the womb as so many children are.

As a friend of mine commented in one of his books, just because we finally learn to stand on our own two feet as a toddler doesn't mean we are ready to run in the Olympic Games. A great deal of development must happen between learning to walk and winning a gold medal.

There is so much more of us to be brought out, which only emerges over the span of a lifetime as we rise to meet life's challenges.

Who we have the potential to be as a whole person at forty, fifty, or sixty years of age is quite different from who we were as a whole person the day our journey on this planet began.

Wholeness isn't a finished state but a process.

We can be whole the day we are born, whole at age three, and whole at age a hundred and three-and they are all very different stages of development, yet equally valid.

We have to get away from the idea of the conscious life in which we are truly present in each moment of our life as a static state. It's not a fixed way of being at all, but an ongoing unveiling of potential that will never cease to increase.

This is because, just as the Little Prince descended from the heavens, our origin is sourced in the divine Presence at the heart of creation-a Presence that's infinite, boundless, unlimited.

This may be a little hard to wrap our head around, but I have learned from my own experience of how the universal Presence works with me and in me that not a single thing happens in my life that can't become the springboard to an intensified experience of divine consciousness.

Years ago I read a little book that, as I look back, seems rather silly now, spelling out seven laws of success. Today if someone were to ask me for a "law of success," I would give them just one:

Realize that everything that is happening in your life right now is exactly what needs to be happening. Instead of resisting your circumstances, embrace them fully.

How can this be true in the case of a great disappointment?

I think of a friend who several years ago discovered her husband was cheating on her in some of the most base ways and was devastated when, having raised a family with him, she ended up divorced. Her sadness was immense.

In your case it may not be a divorce, but perhaps losing your job or your home, or perhaps even both, in the present economic situation or experiencing a reversal in your health. Maybe a divorce follows on top of these things.

In a situation like this, we are being asked to release all reliance on external reality for our sense of wholeness.

We are being asked to discover the most sure reality there is: the divine Presence of which we are a part, a unique expression of which is the heart of our being.

Nothing happens in our life that isn't an opportunity to know our essence, grounded in the divine consciousness, more fully. Life is all about discovering, then developing, our forgotten self.
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