The Wheel of Conscience

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Conscience is only thing we all have that makes us real.
It is a pointer that constantly alerts us to the needed changes in our endeavors.
The wheel of conscience, for those that recognize it is a source of complete lifestyle that is devoid of all psychological hitches.
It is not only wealth that guarantees good life, some people are so rich, but still they cannot find happiness; though they have the money, and can possibly get anything that interests them.
Despite all these, these people are not able to buy good conscience, especially when they flouted the rule of conscience.
What I mean is that, it is the conscience we have that in reality keeps our life in check.
In as much as you have the wheel of conscience rolling, you are bound to be affected by its nature.
Let's face it straight by asking ourselves the following questions: what is conscience? How is it even important to my wellbeing? I will describe conscience as the mirror of the soul which represents the errors of our lives in their full shape.
This means that the conscience we have is chiefly associated with pointing our attention to errors we have made; and as a result of this, it is capable of making us live our lives outside errors if we can follow its directions.
The more reason it taunts us with these errors at all times, until we turn a new leave.
There is no way we can hide from conscience.
It is like a shadow on our trail.
Its effects on our lives are to ensure that we are better at all times most especially in sound mind.
Conscience can also be related to setting standards, which also helps to live an enviable life that commands respect and honour.
You see, the voice of conscience is so small and delicate that it is easy to stifle it, but also very clear that it is impossible to mistake it; this shows that, it is only a deliberate action on our part to defy the calls of conscience! Conscience is what hurts, when everything else feels good.
It is therefore golden to listen to one's conscience because; it is the key to real success.
No wonder it is also an attribute of great minds; this is because such people understand that it is the conscience that is the only incorruptible about human beings.
I am sure these people will not take it for granted.
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