Clean Life Living Without Depending on Alcohol

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There are many people in the world that are trying to become sober, as I am.
It is a extremely hard thing to accomplish for many, but it can be done, if you really want it bad enough.
The way I have dealt with my addiction is similar for many, but, there are people that can not do the so called, method I have tried.
It is not something I invented, but it is something that has worked for me so far, and I am sure that it will continue, as long as I keep the positive attitude that I started with, to beat this addiction.
I am sure this has worked for others the same way.
To beat the addictions that we have needs some thought, courage and strong willingness to achieve this journey.
I started off saying to myself, that if I am going to succeed in this journey I am about to start, then I will need to face the facts that I will never be able to pick up a drink again for the rest of my life.
Now, first off, if you are willing to except that, and to be honest to yourself, and do not try to cheat, it will be a huge help to you when starting out on the road to sobriety.
So far, this little method I have tried has worked well for me.
Another thing I have tried that has been working for me, is to stay busy, not only physically, but mentally as well.
I try to look into my future to see exactly what I really want out of my life, and think of ways to achieve those goals.
I am the type of person that has rich taste, and I have high hopes to achieve the finer things in life and enjoy them.
I am a dreamer, just like most people are, but in order to have your dreams come true, you need to think positive, and keep striving for the goals you want.
The first and most important goal I have, is to conquer my addiction, and I know that once this is achieved, I truly believe that the rest of my dreams will someday fall into place, one at a time.
Start to get some hobbies that you enjoy.
Spend some quality time with your family and friends, that perhaps you could not do before.
Not spending quality time with my family was one of my problems I had, because I basically spent my time with the bottle in the evening, and stayed to myself.
Since I have beaten those demons, I have had a great relationship with my family and my friends.
I have a lot of making up to do for all the lost time, but that too is falling into place quite fast.
It is a great feeling when you set out to achieve something you want, and it is working out the way you thought it should.
My words to all, is that you need to have High Hopes, Big Dreams, and always keep a Positive Attitude in everything you do in life.
You will then accomplish what you never thought could ever happen, like beating your addiction.
Stay strong and do not look back at the past, only a clean life living without alcohol dependence.
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