Become Great and Change Your Life

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Do you readily accept everything that comes your way in life? Or rather, let's phrase it another way - do you easily accept what is thrown at you in life? Is this the story of your life - resigned to accept your destiny? Why don't you become great and change your life.
Does it scare you? Does the thought of achieving greatness in life scare you for some vague kinds of reasons? Or is it that you are just not interested in making any progress in life.
Perhaps you feel that no matter what you tried, you could never achieve greatness.
Why the feeling? Why is it that you feel like this? Do you think that perhaps you do not have it in you to achieve greatness? Do you believe that great people are born lucky or that they have certain extraordinary qualities that you do not possess? Well think about it in this way - No great person ever achieved greatness without having a firm belief in their own capabilities.
It starts with self belief.
You need to believe.
You need to trust yourself.
You need to have confidence in what you do and what you say.
When the whole world is going one way and you have the firm belief that if you went in the opposite direction you are right - stick to your decision.
Greatness was not achieved by thinking the ordinary.
You have to be able to dream the impossible and you have to hang on to those dreams with a passion.
And then...
Work towards achieving Then you need to work and you have to be prepared to work really hard if you want to see your dreams come true and reach your goals - which other people would think of as impossible.
But then that is just what greatness is all about, thinking the impossible to be possible.
So, why not become great and change your life? It's easier than you think!
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