Develop Concentration

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The degree of your concentration depends primarily upon the degree of your interest in the subject before you.
Your personal interest dictates to you certain acts, which after sufficient repetition become fixed habits.
Deepen your interest, and you deepen your power of concentration.
You naturally place high up in your scale of thought values those things which most directly and vitally concern you, such as family, occupation, financial interests, and your ideals of life.
I therefore recommend you to make a special examination of your present interests, with a view to eliminating or modifying those which are not contributing to your best advancement.
Thus: How much time do you give at present to reading blogs, tweets, links? What really worth-while purpose does such reading serve? Can you minimize this daily reading and devote the surplus time to some more profitable venture, such as working on your life's true purpose.
Think for a minute about yesterday; what was the principle things which occupied your mind? Did you neglect your most important interests and squander your thought, time, energy on non-essential non-productive things.
Deep, earnest, definite concentration, practised regularly, is a potent force in the building of the mind.
As you meditate deeply on a subject, it gradually assumes clearer form.
Your intellect supplies proofs and other data, which you can arrange in proper order until you have secured a comparatively complete mental picture of your chosen subject.
You should devote an adequate amount of concentrated attention to each matter which in the course of the day successively engages your mind.
By" adequate" I mean just sufficient attention to do full justice to the degree of importance of the matter before you.
If you try to consider several matters at the same time, your mental force will be scattered and insufficient for more than a partial grasp of any one of the subjects chosen by you.
A particularly good plan for developing concentration is to apply a series of questions to a chosen theme.
Take for example this articles topic: concentration Ask yourself such questions as these; What is concentration? What have I read or heard about it? What is its particular value to me? In what immediate and practical ways can I use it? What special conditions will assist me to concentrate? Do I possess the ability to concentrate at will? While asking these questions you have concentrated your mind upon the one subject of concentration, because all the questions have related to it.
Note that concentration does not mean fixing your mind exclusively upon one idea or one phase, but turning it from one to another of various aspects of the same subject.
Awaken your deep interest in a subject, and concentration follows with comparative ease.
Realize how important the power of concentration is to you, and the many advantages its possession will confer upon you.
Appreciate how it will help you more thoroughly and rapidly master a problem; and how it will increase your intellectual vigor and establish orderly mental power.
If you realize these things fully your power to concentrate upon a purposeful subject will be greatly increased.
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