That Must Be A Sign!

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"That must be sign," "I'll take that as a sign...
" Every day, sometimes many times a day we say, hear or think these words in some way.
We don't really think about it because it is second nature to humans to look for confirmation from a higher source.
Irrespective of your religious preferences, it is natural to seek out a 'sign' that something is the best decision, the right path or even, a sign of truth.
For those who have charted a course that has led them in pursuit of greater awareness, this is openly pursued and acknowledged.
Why? Perhaps because way down deep, where conscious thought no longer controls our actions, we just know.
We were born knowing; there are personal guides, guardians and a multitude of people we have known or even loved who have crossed from the physical plane to the spirit plane and still 'look out for us.
' Surely every being is worthy of direction and protection provided by a guide, a guardian and loved ones.
Many years ago I began questioning most of the information I received as a child.
I learned it was fairly accurate, but also that there was much more to learn if I were open to receiving the information.
We have built in radar to detect truth for instance, frequently this shows up as cold chills when we hear a statement or read something that provides information.
If you want the truth about almost anything, it is there to receive.
Sudden, unexpected natural and uncontrolled sounds at a particular point in a conversation are almost always noteworthy.
The sudden dropping of ice cubes from an icemaker just when you have either said or heard a statement that you need to pay attention to or wind chimes that suddenly chime out loud and clear as you are pursuing an answer are also a frequent sign.
There are as many signs as there are humans.
Pay close attention to songs that won't go away from your mind, to what is happening or what you are thinking about when you hear them; pay attention to the little things that most people miss, and you will find that you have connected, even while you are awake, with those who are traveling on this journey with you; the guides who bring you gifts of enlightenment, security and protection, hope and unquestioning love.
Once you learn to recognize a certain sign to have a particular meaning, you will find that it is frequently used by your guides or guardians to rivet your attention to something.
Life is an amazing journey if you are able to recognize your companions along the way! For eons of time we have heard that itching on the left palm means we are getting money, itching on the right palm, you will shake hands with a stranger; itching feet is frequently recognized as a sign that you will walk on new ground, while an itching nose means company is coming! Where did these come from and how did they survive through centuries of time? They came from someone who 'got it' and related it to a friend and the story continued to be told.
As soon as your guides know you recognize a particular sign to have a specific meaning, they will use it to your advantage.
Your guides are never on the scene to hurt you.
They are dedicated to sharing knowledge and experience to help guide you on the path you have chosen to walk in this lifetime.
The following true story happened in the summer of 2012.
These events happen every day; some are big enough to make note of.
This one is a good example of how and where our guides are working to assist! A Parting Gift It was late July in Cape Coral, Florida.
The temperature outside was 92 degrees, it was ten PM.
The woman sat beside her dying father, holding his hand.
He had learned two years before that he had liver cancer; the doctor had told him and the family he would not survive.
She refused to believe it.
Today, it would become a reality.
Marlena had been by his bedside for several days now.
The hospital had transferred her father to Hospice to die; it was that simple.
He was only 62 years old.
She was 44, divorced and had been living hand to mouth for nearly a year since losing her job.
Losing her father only compounded the pain and exhaustion that had become a way of life for her.
Her father was mostly lying in a coma; he had woken up twice in the past few days and slipped right back into the coma.
The nurses told her he would not be likely to survive the night.
His eyes opened suddenly; "Marlena, are you here?" "Yes Daddy, I am right here beside you.
" "Is this Saturday Marlena?" "Yes, it is Daddy.
" "Did you buy your lottery tickets?" "No, they don't mean a thing now; I just want to be with you.
" "What time is it Marlena?" "It's nearly ten at night Daddy.
" "You leave this minute and buy your tickets Marlena; go now!" "No Daddy, I can always buy a lottery ticket.
" "You go now!" Her father was getting agitated.
He knew she had been faithfully buying tickets for years.
They shared each loss and laughed about her commitment to the game of chance.
"I can't leave you Daddy.
Just relax; I am right here with you.
" "Go NOW Marlena!" He would not stop; she left to quickly buy a ticket to show him as he requested.
Reluctantly, she left.
She returned thirty five minutes later, ten tickets in her hand.
Her father was gone; he had died while she was gone.
She was heartbroken.
She had promised to be there to the end.
Her stupid habit of buying lottery tickets had cost her the thing that meant the most to her.
She stayed with is body for an hour and went home.
The next few days were busy with funeral arrangements and all the end of life details she was forced to deal with.
Her mother had died a few years earlier during heart surgery.
All of the arrangements fell to her to handle.
She was grief-stricken and miserable.
Two weeks later she finally began doing laundry and tidying up her home.
She picked up the clothes she had been wearing when her father had died.
The shorts had pockets; without even thinking she turned the pockets inside out and the lottery tickets fell to the floor.
She began sobbing, recalling how she had missed her father's passing to get these tickets.
She threw them in the trash.
The tickets kept nagging at her; finally, she took them out of the trash and put them in her handbag.
She could barely stand to look at them but something kept nudging her to them.
The following day she walked into the Publix Supermarket where she had purchased the tickets and handed them to the woman working behind the lottery counter.
She knew her well; Marlena had been a regular at the lottery line for years.
The woman slid each ticket into the register; 'not a winner, not a winner, not a winner,' she was not surprised; it was just what she had expected.
The ninth ticket was slid though as they talked about Marlena's father dying while she had purchased the tickets and how he had made her leave him to buy them.
Suddenly, 'WINNER' came across the screen.
She had won the Florida Lottery! Her father had awoken from a coma to tell her to 'go now' to buy the tickets.
Perhaps his own guide had helped him to leave her with a powerful parting gift.
You can trust them as no other; their wisdom is always being imparted to help smooth your path.
Their information will always be benevolent; if you receive information that is not, it is not from your spiritual guides or higher self.
Be cautious and look beyond the message for the real truth.
And you thought you were all alone in this!
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