Think and Act Like Thomas The Tank

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One of my favorite cartoons is a little English series about a Steam Train Called Thomas The Tank, so cute him and all of his friends are all great mates trying to help out each other whatever way they can. Thomas is only a small train but has a huge heart and will try so hard to take on any task no matter how big it is, so whats this got to do with the Comeback? Well when faced with the challenges that a Comeback brings, we will sometimes get attacked by the enemy of all positive actions €Critics€ these are the terrible nasty people that arrive every time we are trying to do something good. They tell us, €Your No Good€, They remind us, €You failed before€ they continue to smash us every way with words like, should not, cannot, impossible, by the time these mind games experts do their job on you? The Comeback you strive for will fade away, Unless you know the secret to get rid of them and Thomas the Tank holds one of the secrets. The key to overcoming these low life critics is €Belief€ a Belief in yourself and your ability, Martin Luther King said, €I do believe, that we shall overcome€ when you Believe in yourself? Nothing NO Comeback is impossible. So why Thomas the Tank? Well he had a saying that he used when he was trying to do something tough, when all those other trains were saying €impossible€ Thomas would look at the other trains, start to get up his steam, look at the task ahead of him and then he would begin a little chant, €I think I can€ he would keep saying that slowly as he started to move along his tracks, €I think I can€ he would say this and as he would move faster he changed the words to, €I know I can€ and he would go faster and faster, yelling €I know I can€ and he would do that right until the point that he achieved what he set out to do. When he was succesful all the €Crtics€ would just look at him with a look of disbelief, Thomas had beaten them because he believed. So my friends, when facing your Comeback whatever it may be, and the critics start to line up? Just remember Thomas and start to say, €I think I can€ then move to €I know I can€ and then laugh at those that didnt believe when you have finally achived. The Comeback? The Things that matter? Are the Things that Matter. Love and Hugs to you all.
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