How To Organize Shoes

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What woman hasnt wondered Where are my shoes? or hasnt heard the question Mom, have you seen my shoes?

The very wealthy have a shoe closet build into their dressing room; the very organized have come up with a system that works for them; but what about the rest of us ... those with too many shoes and too little space?

The first thing to do of course is to pair the shoes up and see which ones you want to keep. Quite often we hang on to shoes we never wear anymore because they have gone out of style or we remember that they are not comfortable.

Once you know which shoes you want to keep, the obvious solution is to put them into the boxes they came in. You could label the box with a short description of the shoe so you dont have to open every single box to find the shoes you are looking for. Something along the line of Glossy Black or Low Heel White Sandal.

If you dont have the original shoe boxes anymore, there are storage boxes with a peep hole in the front, the so called Window Shoe Box. Each box holds one pair of shoes. $3,99 to $9.99 each.

There are also shoe cabinets. These cabinets generally have three drawers which tip open for easy storage, viewing and removal. Each drawer provides room for three pairs of shoes. $119,99 to $139,99.

If a cabinet is too expensive, how about a rack? Shoe racks are available in wood, mesh and wire. Generally they count two or three layers and are priced between $5,99 to $29,99. There even is an under bed shoe chest which at $16,99 anyone can afford.

How about a three tier revolving shoe tree? This handy gadget made of bronze or chrome, looks a little like a Christmas tree and holds no less than twelve pairs of shoes. $39,99

Then there is always the over the door shoe organizer. In durable white, black or clear plastic, holding twenty four pairs of shoes and priced only $14,99 to $28,99, nobody has to battle for space anymore,

Whichever method you prefer, your shoes will always be organized and you will feel a lot more relaxed. You will be able to locate the pair you want to wear, or the pair the kids are looking for, within seconds and have peace of mind that the dog wont be able to get to them to chew the heel, or the cat wont be able to scratch the leather.

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