Three tips to achieving your goals in life

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This may come to you as a surprise but very often as you are setting your goals in life, you do not realize that you're not setting yourself up for success. I'm going to share with you three simple tips to achieving your goals in life.

The first tip is to start thinking about what you really want. Go out and buy books and magazines to browse through and to tap into your subconscious mind to check for yourself what it is in life you really want. Your goals in life should be aligned with what you want in life and not what other people want of you. That is very important.

A second tip is to make your goals in life very clear. State them in a positive sense and state them in a definite timeline. So for example, if you want to lose weight (make sure that you're saying it in a positive sense). 'I have lost 5kgs by the 30th of July 2010'. So in that sense I am stating it in the positive. If it is in the negative, it would sound like this - 'I am not eating any more'. That is negative. The positive sense is - 'I am losing 5kgs' or 'I've lost 5kgs' so it is very clear how much weight you want to lose. There is also a definite timeline by saying that you want to lose it by 30 July 2010.

The third tip that I have for you is to increase your core desire for your goals in life. That is very important because the higher your desire to achieve your goal, the easier it is for you to achieve your goals in life.

How do you increase your core desire? Very simple. Visualize using the power of sub modalities and visualizations as taught in Neuro Linguistic Programming. Visualize everything that you would experience if you would have achieved the goal. Visualize all the pain you would experience of not achieving that goal. Once you have used that Neuro Linguistic Programming technique, you can begin to slowly but surely increase your core desires for achieving your goals in life.

There you go, I've share with you three simple tips to achieve your goals in life []. Go out and test them out, use them in the real world and come and tell me how it went.
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