9 Ways to Get Out of the Kitchen and On the Sofa in Record Time

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We spend hours in the kitchen making a delicious meal, only to have to spend more time cleaning up afterwards.
Here are some fast and easy tips to make that chore move quicker.
[1] Plan ahead by filling the sink with hot soapy water.
Having the water ready means you can clean as you go.
By not letting pots, pans and messy counters add up, you will cut down on the cleaning time needed later.
[2] When preparing meals, measure or cut on a portable surface.
You can then pick it up and shake off any debris into the waste can, keeping your counter clean.
This might take a few times to get used to, because working messy in the kitchen is a habit we learn early in life.
[3] Use a tablecloth for your meals.
Covering the table will mean less cleaning time at the end of the meal.
[4] Carry your condiments to the table on a tray or cookie sheet.
It looks neater on the table and makes it easier to replace the items back in the refrigerator or pantry.
[5] Use wash cloths as casual napkins, especially for small children.
They are easy to take care of and the children can have their own color.
It also saves money on replacing the paper ones, week after week.
[6] When setting the table use only what you are going to need.
If you are not serving anything that needs a spoon, do not place it on the table, just to have a full service.
[7] Nothing says you have to do all the clean up by yourself, unless you live alone.
Even a 3 year old child can carry unbreakable items back to the kitchen sink.
Assign certain clean up jobs to family members, keeping in mind their age and abilities.
[8] Assign yourself the task of washing, rinsing and placing the clean dishes in the drainer.
Let them air dry, you can put them away later or use them for the morning meal.
[9] Before draining the dish water, take a few minutes to wipe down some of your appliances each night.
By dividing up the cleaning, you do not have to do all the cleaning at once, but they will be ready to be used when you need them.
Using a few of these simple tips can get you out of the kitchen faster so you can be enjoying more time with family and friends.
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