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"Give whatever you are doing and whoever you are with the gift of your attention.
" -- JIM ROHN People and jobs sometimes seem to get in my way.
I have trouble with distractions.
Whether I am reading, watching TV or working on the computer, I hate it when the phone rings or someone invades my space.
When my kids were young, they often invaded my space.
Don't get me wrong.
I love my children and always have.
But if I was on the phone, they would choose that moment to act up.
My dogs do the same thing now.
I have to stop myself from being mad about the distraction because the truth is that people and dogs come first.
Then whatever I'm doing is second.
Each deserves my full and undivided attention, complete with patience.
I can't concentrate on what I am working on and give it my full attention if a person walks into the room.
So I am doing both a disservice if I keep trying to work and talk at the same time.
My daddy was great about this.
When we talked, he always looked me in the eye, stopped whatever he was doing and I felt his attention on me.
I felt special.
I learned to do that with the children.
I value the time we spent together.
I don't necessarily remember what we talked about, but I know I stopped trying to multitask.
One time one of my kids put both his hands on my face to get my attention.
I realized then what I had been doing and stopped trying to do it and paid attention to him.
We really got closer when I learned to drop whatever I was doing and give each child my full attention.
When I am blessed with a job I love and time to do it, I have learned to ignore the dogs and ask people not to bother me for a little while, that I will get back with them.
I give my task my full attention and I am happy with the outcome.
Then I go give the person or the dogs my full attention, satisfied that I did the same with the job.
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